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Commercial in the beginning of spring

Its good to finally post again. It has been a long winter and its nice to be taking some good photographs again. Here are a few selects from the new boxer shoot I am working on. Enjoy. All photographs are copyrighted to Zach Brake Photography.


Fragility of Life

It is amazing the turnover rate of life in this world. Persons come and go every time we blink. Hard to imagine. But thinking a a little further: look at how beautiful that is. How many people learn learn what LOVE is through this turnover. It brings people closer together, while so so so many tears are shed, both of joy and sadness. When a baby comes into this world, tears, when a loved one passes away, tears.

Recently, Bandi, a dearly loved member of my family passed on. But as she reaches our Mighty Father’s House, I am reminded of how love driven my family is. We loved this dog. She was a sweetheart. And as mentioned previously, we shed a lot of tears for her. It is now important to remember how beautiful she was, and how beautiful she is now 🙂 She was a lively one, so energetic. She would spring up and be the first to the door when one of us came home. She would jump, play and run after us when we would engage her. I could never outrun her during those days. She was so swift. She was a mentor to Lily as she grew, teaching her the ways of the dog. She would always walk around with a loving and happy expression. She loved us.

We all gain and lose persons that are close to us. But remember friends, your Dad is good 🙂 and has everything under control, always. He takes care of us, before, during and after. So friends and readers, please keep your loved ones in your thoughts today because although the fragility of life is beautiful, it is never to be taken for granted. Live your lives to the fullest and LOVE to the fullest.

New Years and Commercial

Happy New Year everyone! I am sure we all have our new years resolutions. For me, learning Korean and improving in photo are the big ones. I figured I would start off the year by posting some of the photographs from my last commercial shoot. Enjoy. All photographs are copyrighted to Zach Brake Photography.

Winter Is Here Again

It’s that time of year again, winter, where kids play in the snow, pelting each other with snowballs, parents grumble about the cold as they watch their young ones, people slipping and falling on that black sheet of ice that you never see, and of course, Christmas and the New Year. Last year in Kentucky, a terrible ice storm hit covering many parts of the State. There were power outages everywhere and many people had to find new shelter for a short time. This year a small ice storm hit for a day or two. The thing about these ice storms is that even though they cause much damage, beautiful pictures are waiting to be made if you take the time to step outside and carry your camera. When you combine ice, or any other translucent material, with light, awesome things happen. When light hits ice, it scatters like a wildfire throughout it and illuminates the entire solid. Cool Stuff. Here is a shot from the winter wonder land. Enjoy. All photographs are copyrighted to Zach Brake Photography.

Man… Isn’t it cool how light works?

Isn’t it cool how light works? Think about it, everything. Its speed, its power, how it hits a surface and brings out hues and how it illuminates the entire universe. Not to mention, is the key ingredient to a good photograph. Here is a shot from the other day on the way home. Another sky, but none the less, cool 🙂 Enjoy. All photographs are copyrighted to Zach Brake Photography.

It has been awhile friends…

Hello to everyone again! I know it has been awhile since I have last posted something. Here is the lame excuse: I have been busy. So cliche right? This brings me to my next point. We spend a lot of time trying to find the answers to the questions about our own lives. It is so easy to get caught up in our own business… But the truth is, no matter how busy we get, it is important to truly step back and breathe. Easier said than done right? Right. But, if we give ourselves the chance to step back, to take those few seconds, minutes hours, to stop and look at the wonderful things that make our lives great, we tend to find the motivation to go that extra mile. Sure it is hard when you get home from a 14 hour day of work and just want to sit there and think about where the day went. The tasks that you had to do and the tasks you still have to do. That is endless workflow thinking. But even though we are meant to be diligent, we are meant to work hard and earn our living, we are also meant to truly enjoy this life we are living. I watched a couple movies awhile back, not instructional, but just movies for enjoyment. They gave me two very important messages: 1. Learn how to truly relax, 2. Dont work so hard you burn through life without looking at it.

We, as people in this current society, have been accustomed to and taught that we have to work work work to get anywhere in this world. But the details about your fellowman being your family, have been over looked. We are taught to compete, to be the best, to defeat others. Part of the reason why we work so so so hard is because of this reason. Just a thought, what if everyone worked hard to better themselves, but also to better everyone around them? Hmmm, food for thought.

Anyhoot, learn to relax people, and enjoy this life you are living. Because like the old old old, kinda ancient saying goes, “you only live it once.”

So this week, take some time to relax, do something you love. Play with your dog, read a book, write a letter, go see a cousin you haven’t seen in ages, call your Father, pick up a penny on heads, whatever fits your fancy.

Have fun 🙂

Dearest Friends

I want to take a step back from posting photographs to write something real quick.

In this world there are so many things a person can worry about; getting to work on time, who is the president, what is happening on the other side of the world, who killed who, missing the bus, who broke up with who, scraped a knee again, forgetting the laundry, not getting accepted in the X college, that guy just farted, paper cut, he/she passed away, lost my lucky coin, etc. What we all need to realize is that we all have these problems. We all have things that we could complain about because really, they are not too hard to find. Seeing the opportunity in them, now that is the challenge. This day and age is all about efficiency and speed, ignoring what it means to stop and look at the beautiful things that our God as set out for us during the day. Opportunity is all around us. When we truly embrace that, we learn to see that the “bad things,” the “tough times” don’t really exist at all. That in actuality, all these things are just simple lessons, things we can learn from in this life we are living. But with these lessons, we all, yes you, have to learn that these things are not for ourselves alone. They are meant to be shared with our fellow man, our brothers and sisters, the have been placed on this world with us. We must love one another as He loves us. It can be as simple as stopping and asking the person sitting on the corner how his/her day is going or as complex as building someone in need a new house. We must love one another and share our opportunity. Because in the end, it’s not about me, it’s not about you. It is about our Creator and loving one another while carrying out our own purpose.

So, my friends, after you read this, take some time to love and appreciate someone today. It can be your wife, your child, a friend, a family member, a hobo, a dog, or even the old lady across the street, just do it 🙂

Thank you all for reading.